It is close to our hearts to support young people in their footballing and personal development. For this reason, the proceeds of the tournament will be donated/ invested in social, sustainable youth projects. We also see the organisation of an international tournament as an opportunity to involve disadvantaged youth. At our invitation, a team from a crisis region or a developing country can compete against the top teams at the INTERNATIONAL HELVETIA CUP, gain new impressions and acquaintances – and thus have the chance to forget the difficult everyday life back home for a short time.

With continuing projects in the regions, the “INTERNATIONAL HELVETIA CUP” association also ensures a sustainable improvement in the living situation of the young people, which numerous stories tell of in the meantime. The elaborate setting of the INTERNATIONAL HELVETIA CUP also serves as a stage for inclusion: In front of the numerous spectators and talent scouts, a tournament for children and young people with mental and/or physical disabilities takes place at the same time. Although the teams play out their own tournament, all the players in the Cup are always together at joint meals, training sessions and meetings.


The organisation of the “INTERNATIONAL HELVETIA CUP” is the responsibility of the association “FOOTBALL IS MORE Switzerland”.

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