No favourites yet

After a very emotional opening ceremony and hot summer temperatures on Thursday we started the second tournament day full of expectations. In group 1, Stades Rennais and Benfica Lisbon are equal on points and unbeaten at the top of the table. Stades Rennes benefited from a penalty goal in the match against Stuttgart, which made the difference in a balanced game.
In Group 2, only Bologna FC are undefeated and have 9 points. Behind them, FC St. Gallen surprised with a strong performance and 7 points.
In the Helvetia under 16 Cup the match between FC Aarau and SV Werder Bremen had to be abandoned shortly before the end. Lightning and thunder close by endangered the safety of the players. The tournament management ended the game at the current score.

In addition to the turbulent matches of the preliminary round of the Helvetia under 16 Cup, the Special Needs European Cup started this morning. Due to the sudden thunderstorm above the Cornaredo stadium in Lugano, not all matches of the Special Needs European Cup could be played. These will be played tomorrow afternoon. At the moment the Special Needs Teams Benfica Lisbon and Liverpool FC are equal on points at the top of the table.

In the afternoon, many young people from the region were allowed to make very special experiences. The international special needs teams mixed with under 12/under 13 teams from and around Lugano. At the inclusion tournament the players fought with and without special needs for the day’s victory. This should counteract fears of contact and further bridges among each other. Football is more.