SK Rapid Wien wins Swiss U16 Cup 2013!

A little surprise at the International Swiss U16 Cup 2013. After the group phase SK Rapid Wien and Grasshopper Club Zürich had equal points. Due to the tournament rules, SK Rapid Wien qualified for the semi finals even though their scoring was worse but they won the direct encounter against the guys from Zürich. In the semi finals SK Rapid Wien beat FC Bayern München with 2:1. In the final the team from Austria won after penalties against FC Zürich thanks to the goalkeeper. He delighted with four saves in a row. SK Rapid Wien is the winner of the Swiss U16 Cup 2013! Congratulations!

The Ranking:

  1. SK Rapid Wien
  2. FC Zürich
  3. FC Bayern München
  4. Celtic Glasgow
  5. Manchester City
  6. Grasshopper Club Zürich
  7. SV Werder Bremen
  8. FC St. Gallen
  9. Team Vorarlberg
  10. Team Liechtenstein
  11. Special Guest Team Laos
  12. Tottenham Hotspur
  • Fairplay: Maximilian Wöber, Nr 14, SK Rapid Wien (5 Goals)
  • Unlucky Fellow:  Calvin Miller, Nr 9, Celtic FC Glasgow
  • Best Keeper: Colin Mühlebach, Nr 1, FC Zürich
  • Top-Scorer (5 scores): Jasper Van der Werff, Nr. 6, FC St. GallenLeone
  • Best Player: Tottenham Hotspur